How to Connect

You can connect to our server via the official Curseforge Pixelmon Reforged pack, or via our Technic pack. For playing via Technic please find the outlined instructions below.

  1. Go to to download the technic launcher, as you scroll down the download links should look like the below

  2. Click the button or whichever operating system you use, and follow the prompts to install Technic launcher.
  3. Login to your Minecraft / Microsoft account.
  4. Once logged in click 'Modpacks' (see below)
  5. Search for 'Project Shiba' in the search bar, it should look similar to the below.
  6. Click on the pack above and click 'Install' at the bottom right of the window. Once installed click 'Play' at the bottom right to start Minecraft
    Note: You can increase your ram by clicking the 'Modpack Options' button before clicking play, we recommend 2-6Gb
  7. Once the pack has loaded click 'Join Server' to play!