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How to Play

There are many ways to play Pixelmon, but we suggest using the Technic launcher or Curseforge's launcher, as these are relatively simple to download and set up.

How to Play using Technic:

(1) First, you need to download the launcher, which you can do here.
Scroll down and select your version:


(2) Click download, then navigate to your downloads folder. You should see:


(3) Double-click on the 'TechnicLauncher' file to run the installer. Once done, Technic should open and prompt you to sign in to your Minecraft account.

(4) Next, click 'Modpacks' and type 'Project Shiba' into the search bar.


(5) Click on [1.16.5] and then click 'Install'. The Install button will be in place of the 'Play' button shown above.

Before booting up, you should check your java settings. To do this, click 'Launcher Options' in the upper right-hand corner.

The menu will look like this:


(6) Click 'Java Settings'


There are a couple of important things here. 

(7) First, make sure you have 64-bit java. If you don't have 64-bit java, follow the steps below. If you already have 64-bit java, you can skip to step 8.

Second, click on 'Memory' and select '4GB' - this is our recommended amount of RAM.


(7a) If your Minecraft Java Version does not show 64-bit, you can install the correct version by clicking here, and downloading the highlighted option below:


(7b) If you had to do this step, you must close and reopen the Technic Launcher.

(8) Once your Java Settings are ready to go, navigate back to our pack and click 'Play'. 

(9) Click 'Multiplayer'


You should find us at the top!

If you don't see us, you can click 'Add Server' and type the IP Address: