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Donations are never required but always appreciated! All donations are used to improve our servers and community. Our servers are PLAY to win. Nothing is pay-walled. Donations simply provide some in-game perks as a thank you. (Donations can not be refunded more than 24 hours after purchase.)
Name: Trainer+ (Pixelmon ONLY)
Price: 0.00 USD

Our free rank for any new players who sign up for our website!

- 750 Pokedollars (1 time)
- Access to /skills and /dailies
- 1.0 Multiplier for money earned from battles
- 1.0 Multiplier for XP earned from battles
- 15 Pokedollars every 30 minutes for playing
- 3 homes
- /tpa free
- /f - pay respects in chat
- /checkevs - Check the EVs of a pixelmon in your party
- /checkstats - Check the stats of a pixelmon in your party
- /checktypes - Check the type strengths/weaknesses of pixelmon in your party
- /fixgenders - fixes pixelmon if they end up with no gender
- /showstats - shows a pixelmon's stats to the whole server