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Donations are never required but always appreciated! All donations are used to improve our servers and community. Our servers are PLAY to win. Nothing is pay-walled. Donations simply provide some in-game perks as a thank you. (Donations can not be refunded more than 24 hours after purchase.)
Name: Diamond
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Diamond - Mining Bonus

- Level 5 - Miner's Madness - Bind this skill to your pickaxe to gain Haste, Speed, and Fortune for a brief time
- Level 25 - Experienced Miner - Increases the amount of XP dropped by ores
- Level 50 - Vein Miner - Allows you to mine veins of ore in one go - activate with sneak (shift)
- Level 75 - Magnetic Field - Picked up items in a very large radius (bindable)
- Level 150 - Explosive Mining - Allows you to explosively mine and get more out of ores than normal - (bindable)