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Terms & Conditions

Terms Of Service

Donations are never required but always appreciated! All donations are used to improve our servers and community.
Our servers are PLAY to win. Nothing is pay-walled. Donations simply provide some in-game perks as a thank you.

By making purchases on our website you agree to the following:

  • You are 13 years or older and/or have a parent's permission to purchase packages from the shop.
  • You agree to follow all rules on the server AND our Discord. If you are banned for breaking rules, we will not issue a refund. Server rules are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Understand that all purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have a problem with your purchase, please make a ticket in our Discord. Issuing a chargeback will result in a permanent ban on the server.
  • Ranks will persist through the life of the server and will persist further at our discretion.
  • Rank content/perks may be adjusted at any time.
  • All non-rank purchases are one-time and will not be redispersed on a new server or Minecraft version change.
  • One-time benefits (Such as in-game currency, Skills, etc) persist through the life of that map, or at our discretion.

All donations go toward the improvement of our server. These include things like paying the server hardware costs, purchasing plugins, doing giveaways, and much more.

Server Rules

1. Good Vibes Only. We are all here to relax and enjoy Pixelmon and Minecraft.
2. Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Bullying, etc. will absolutely not be tolerated.
3. Dark/Violent humor or NSFW content is not allowed. We are a PG-13 safe community.
4. Do not ask staff about mutes/bans/etc. on behalf of someone else.
5. Do not DM or harass staff members to look at a support ticket or ban appeal.
6. Inappropriate or offensive usernames and/or skins may result in a ban at staff's discretion.
7. Stealing, Scamming, Griefing, and/or excessive trolling are not allowed. This includes stealing Pokemon or Raid Dens.
8. Auctions are not allowed.
9. Mass Giveaways are not allowed.
10. Player events are not allowed unless approved by staff. (Player gyms are an exception to this and are allowed)
11. Do not intentionally block access to PokeLoot, PokeStops, Raid Dens, etc.
12. Do not disrupt chat by begging, using excessive caps, or spamming.
13. Touch/Tap trading pokemon is not allowed. (Exploiting trading to fill pokedex)
14. Exorbitant overpaying or underpaying for Pokemon or items is not allowed.
15. Do not claim within 5 chunks of another player without permission.
16. Selling teleports to dens, legendaries, bosses, etc. is not allowed.
17. All rules apply to private in-game communication as well as signs, books, claim greetings, etc. Private in-game chat messages are monitored by admins and above for everyone's safety. By playing and using private in-game messaging, you are accepting this condition.
18. Autoclickers, xray, exploits, or cracked accounts of any kind are not allowed.